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All is Pink in West Berkshire County – FEATURED FRINGE REVIEW

Eat the rich? I think we all know the opposite is more likely to come to fruition any time soon. Hilariously, laugh out loud funny from start to finish in the blackest of ways, All is Pink in West Berkshire County is a tack-sharp satire of class, consumption and capitalism. The four person cast deliver strong performances, with particularly scene stealing turns from Matthew Dangerfield and Siobhan Ward as the grotesquely bourgeois and decadent Michael and Denise Abbey.

Harry Daisley’s script does an astonishingly successful job of tackling a lot big issues at once without becoming confusing or self indulgent. Tightly plotted, with not a wasted line of dialogue it makes it’s point unequivocally, but without lecturing or boring the audience for even a second. It’s conclusions are bleakly dystopian, but delivered with such an irresistible dark wit that you will laugh at the time but find yourself thinking about it for much longer afterwards. So delicious is the presentation in fact, you almost find yourself rooting for the amoral ‘apex predators’ in the end. Almost.


Aireborne Theatre
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All words by Susan Sloan.