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Freddie Hayes: Potatohead – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022

If the elevator pitch of ‘Doctor Faustus but starring a potato’ isn’t enough to get you in the door then the promise of surreal puppetry, sing-along karaoke and more spud based puns than you ever knew existed should be. Not to mention the shocking revelations concerning Garry Linekar’s darkest secret..

Interspersed with out of character asides about her real life love/hate relationship with (and occasional crushes on) puppets this is a bonkers, charming and completely unique trip around the stranger corners of one woman’s fantastical psyche.

Freddie Hayes is a delight to watch and, despite including a surprising and mount of puppet based innuendo and a fairly grotesque depiction of what doing a line of Smash looks like, the overall feeling of the show is a strangely sweet.  A sweet potato.


Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Below
Aug 18-29
1 hour


All words by Susan Sloan.