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Freedom Ballet of Ukraine present BALLET FREEDOM at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022.

A cavalcade of raw sexuality and dark glamour shot through with wry humour, gorgeous cabaret costumes and ingenious staging.

BALLET FREEDOM follows a series of loosely narrative vignettes based around a boudoir wardrobe, scored by an eclectic mixture of music from classical to alt-pop including an homage to Belleville Rendezvous and an entertaining blast of The Tiger Lillies. A poignant and exuberant show that explores the darkness and voraciousness of human desire.

Even without knowing that the production almost didn’t make it to Edinburgh due to its male performers requiring special permission from Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture to leave the country, this feels like a must-see recommendation. My only concern is that my 2022 Edinburgh Festival may have peaked too soon!



4th – 28th August, 9pm & 4pm, at Pleasance at EICC.

Tickets on sale now at

All words by Susan Sloan.