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Marilyn on ‘Four Rooms’

MM collector Gene London (also a former children’s TV host and fashion designer) brought one of his most prized possessions – a sketch by Marilyn, Myself Exercising – to the UK recently for an appearance on Channel 4′s antiques show, Four Rooms.

London was offered £150,000 by dealer Jeff Salmon but, incredibly, turned it down. I can understand why – not from a financial point of view – but to me, that sketch is one of the loveliest things Marilyn left behind. It should either go to someone who truly adores it, or preferably, be donated to a museum.

UK readers can watch the show here (the sketch is the final item, saving the best for last.)

(via Marilyn on ‘Four Rooms’ | ES Updates)

I just watched this tonight – it’s only the second episode I’ve seen of the program and I quite like it – but I agree, I wouldn’t have sold it to them either. The poor man clearly loved it the way it should be loved and I’m not convinced he really wanted to sell it at all.

He said he wanted to sell it to buy costumes at a forthcoming auction, but personally I would far rather own this than a dress – even ‘the’ dress.

All words by Susan Sloan.