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Lonely Together.


Is ‘pandemic pop’ a recognised genre term yet? Because if not then I think this is it..

Unify Separate, the recently rebranded artists formerly known as US, release their new single ‘Solitude & I’ this week and it has immediately secured repeat play status for me. Described by the band as ‘an in-your-face manifesto for never, ever giving up on your dreams’ the track is a thrilling, if unexpectedly drum and bass driven, four minutes of electronic joy. 

Along with the usual hallmarks of soaring, dramatic synths and Andrew Montgomery’s always elegiac vocals this release is also a definite reminder of why I think they are often at their best when the go harder and is probably my favourite of their singles since 2018′s equally epic Voyager.

Solitude & I is in a lot of ways more instantly catchy and poppy than much of their output but it also has a driving power and an exhilarating, urgent aggressiveness pushing away in the background too. Possibly because, as the band say themselves ‘these days, there’s no time to lose’.

ARTIST: Unify Separate
TITLE: Solitude & I
MOOD: Dancing with tears in my eyes


Predictably beautiful new track by Andrew Montgomery’s most recent musical venture Us – accompanied by an equally wonderful, claustrophobic video with a dash of Eyes Wide Shut dark glamour.