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Review: Dusty Limits – Post Mortem

Only the best shows contain an addiction medley.

Like Meow Meow, who I had the joy of seeing at the festival a couple of years ago, Dusty Limits offers that strangely rare combination of camp humour, actual talent and moments of surprising emotion. 

I’ve seen him in the past as an emcee which he was so good at I often found myself wishing he would just stay on the stage (no offence to the other acts) so decided to go and see his solo show this year. I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. Loosely hung around the theme of ageing and mortality (I still maintain it’s a lie he’s anywhere near 40) his chat was at times surprisingly political but always funny and caustic. His singing voice is exceptional and he treated us to his interpretations of, amongst others, Sinnerman, Losing My Mind (an ode to booze) and Ashes to Ashes as well as with some very funny self-penned numbers.

He also performed at one point soley lit by the glow of his HTC smartphone after a mid-song lighting failure. It was a moment at once suitably eerie, glamorous and ridiculous.

Review: Re-Animator the Musical

I went to see this on it’s opening night at the Edinburgh Festival and enjoyed it so much I went back a week later! 

Although it features both a small cast and a fairly minimal stage set you leave feeling you have seen a big show. The cast are all so good it would be hard to single any one performance out and everything is delivered with energy and enthusiasm.

Provided you like your humor black and aren’t to squeemish it is absolutely hilarious – the front three rows being a gore splash zone is a particularly brilliant idea. Also, although there is a lot of extra joy to be had for those who have seen the film I doubt it’s necessary to enjoy the show.

The props maintain a suitably shlockly aesthetic but that conceals some incredibly sharp and sophisticated effects. One slight of hand (or should I say head) I still couldn’t spot the second time even when I knew it was coming..

All, in all I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s still on until the 27th, so get along and see it if you can.